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Movie Bytes - Jurassic Park 4 & Jurassic Park 3D! Beyond The Trailer02:25

Movie Bytes - Jurassic Park 4 & Jurassic Park 3D! Beyond The Trailer

Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver are now hired to write the script of Jurassic Park IV. In the Rise of the Planet of the Apes they have shown that they can revive an old franchise.

I have never watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes but I think it isn't a continuation of the old movie. So, if they write Jurassic Park IV, what will it look like. If they use the same trick, they will start a totally new Jurassic Park story.

As all JP fans I've often wandered what a good JP4 would be like. I don't think that any attempt to continue the old Trilogy will work. I think/hope that Jurassic Park IV will start a new story all over again.

This is what I hope:

John Hammond will build a Jurassic Park. This time it won't contain scientific errors like gender-switching, Lysine contingency, T. rex' amphibian vision, 3 meter long Dilophosaurus etc etc. Things will go wrong in the park. Unused scenes from the novel will be used. Robert Muldoon, Donald Gennaro and Henry Wu will have a much larger role.

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