Jurassic bush raptor

JP-TLW raptor

I think everyone has considered this option, but no-one has wrote about it yet. So, I'll do it.

The raptors in the movies have always been called "Velociraptor". There are a few well known inaccuracies with these creatures:

  • The film Velociraptor is 3-4 meters long, while the actual creature was much smaller.
  • Alan Grant digs up a Velociraptor in Montana, while it lived in Asia.

In Jurassic Park III the raptors got a make-over. The (probably) male animals had purple heads and a crest of feathers on it. Moreover, these raptors vocalized more than in previous films. Many fans wondered

  • Where are these new raptors coming from?

Many explanations roam the cybersphere. Is the continency broken and are the JP-TLW raptors supposed to look like the JPIII raptors? Are the JP-TLW and JPIII raptors different tribes? Were the JP-TLW raptors only females?

And now a new inaccuracy has popped up:

  • Probably all Dromaeosaurs had feathers. But the JP raptors are scaly.
Novaraptor 2

I think that if Colin Trevorrow would introduce a new raptor species in Jurassic Park IV, it would solve or trivialize most of the problems mentioned above.

800px-Raptor scale

From wikimedia.

What if we assume that between the Isla Nublar Incident and Hurricane Clarissa InGen had succesfully cloned several Utahraptors. Utahraptor was about the height of the JP raptors (see picture), so it could be portrayed as the raptors in previous films; but this they have feathers. If only this species is encountered in JP4, this would solve a lot of problems.

  • The raptors have the right name.
  • The raptors have the right size.
  • The raptors have feathers.
  • The continency of the series isn't broken.
    • The old raptors aren't altered.
    • Utahraptor wasn't seen before because it was new, just like Spinosaurus.
  • USA scientists could dig up raptors that live on Isla Sorna.

The other problems that we had with the Velociraptors are now trivial, since we won't see them anymore.

However, if the fans are nostalgic and want to see their childhood raptors back, this shouldn't be a problem. JP4 could (shortly) feature a tribe of JP-TLW Velociraptors living beside the Utahraptor tribe. This could be a good moment to show and explain the complex territorial behaviour in raptors. The film characters could discuss the difference and origins of the creatures if time permits.