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I think our Jurassic Park Legacy needs inprovement. One thing I would like to add is criticism.

I've never been that into JPLegacy. After their guru Terry started to insult me when I dared to question their timeline I hardly visited that site. Terry insults all Park Pedia members he encounters (see Thread:12762).

However, I know that JPLegacy pissed off very influential fans.

I heard that the founders of TresCom started their site after they were banned from JPLegacy. On facebook I read that NewOldMate, who is creating this awesome Trespasser mod for the CryEngine, was also banned from JPLegacy.

TresCom ban

Banned from JPLegacy.

I've also understood that within JPLegacy there was an incident resulting in the departure of BrachioInGen.

Can someone give me more details about this?