Hey there my fellow Jurassic Park fans,

I could stop from work early today and the Jurassic World Blu-ray was waiting for me. I do not have the skills to make a decent unboxing video, so I made a bunch of pictures. I'm just gonna post them here for all to see.

The box:

To open the box I have to remove the extra cardboard with JP art:

With that out of the way, I can now open the sides of the box and peek inside. There is the actual blu-ray box. More about that later. Behind it I can see the figurines of T. rex and I. rex I saw in the advertisements.

With all the plastic out of the way I can take all the contents of this box outside. The three inner walls the box were covered with artwork featuring the new Visitor Center and both sides of the Main Street.

Now let me get a closer look at my new action figures:

This uploading takes 4ever. I'll do the rest later.

The T. rex and I. rex figures remind me of the T. rex figurine that came with the 20 years anniversary box set. So, I had to put them in one picture:

Hope you also get a copy of JW. If not, enjoy the pictures.