According to SciFied the ruins of the Visitor Center will appear in Jurassic World.

First of all, I think that will be great. However, I am very afraid that the door of this Visitor Center will still be intact. Because if it is, it will contradict with the events of Jurassic Park: The Game. In T. rex Showdown! Rexy destroyes the stairs, bites of a piece of railing and bursts through the Center's front; destroying the door and a piece of the skulped skeleton above it.

JPTG Rexy VC door

If the Visitor Center was back in use, it could be that the front was repaired. However, the buildings is probably in ruins and found by characters who are lost in the jungle. So, I don't think anyone would bother to repair it.

What do you think. Would the intact front of the Visitor Center be enough to remove JP:TG from the film canon, or could we regard it as just another film goof?