Colin Trevorrow said on Twitter that they are gonna create a new documentary film about recreating dinosaurs!

JW documentary

The main reason I'm interested in Jurassic Park is because the dinosaurs are brought back to life. Until Primal Carnage: Genesis is finally released, there is no (serious) other dinosaur franchise about that topic.

When I saw the news, I thought that Trevorrow is a little late. In 2012 the History Channel made the docu film Jurassic Park: The True Story and Discovery made Dinosaurs: Return To Life?. There haven't been great breakthoughs since then, so what is left to tell.

DNA in bones

Results of Schweitzer and her team (2013). The top row shows bones cells of T.rex, the second Brachylophosaurus, the last ostrich. The scientists used three techniques to stain the DNA: anti-DNA antibodies (1st column), propidium iodide (PI) (2nd column), DAPI (last column).

Still, I think a lot can happen in the coming year before Trevorrow starts to work on the docu film. Jack Horner's team has discovered that iron in dinosaur tissue can preserve proteins and tissue for millions of years. They could also show the evidence of DNA in bones (see figure). Maybe in 2015, they've figured out if it is really DNA and ruled out contamination.

It would also be nice if they could show that Isla Nublar Laboratory again, like in The Real Jurassic Park. In that old 1993 docu film, the narrator was Jeff Goldblum. It would be nice if this new docu was narrated by B.D. Wong, who plays Dr. Henry Wu.