At 30 July 2010 THE8PURPLE2 created a Facebook page for Park Pedia. We all thought it would be the perfect medium to promote this wiki and attract new members.

The Facebook page can be found here: Jurassic Park Wiki.

This wiki is in a terminal shortage of active knowledgeable editors and admins. So, I really wanted to give it a try.

For the more than last year the fb page had an update almost every day. Single handedly, with some short help from Kabilan29, I made sure the members had funny/interesting updates every day.


Still smarter than most Jurassic Park fans.

However, my time wasn't well wasted. After all that time spend, we have yet to recieve our 200th like. Furthermore, the closest thing to new members it attracted was some Redneck fundamentalist complaining that we talked about evolution. The first brain cell has yet to enter.

I think it is an utter waste of my time to continue our Facebook feed. If anyone else likes to take this task, you have my blessing. However, until now there has been zero initiative from the "community" to improve our Facebook page (see Jurassic Park wiki:Facebook); so I don't count on it.

If only I had known back then what kind of lazy dumb dorks Jurassic Park fans are.