Can you spot Proceratosaurus?

Did you know Proceratosaurus exists in the film canon?

The name "Proceratosaurus" is seen on a map of Jurassic Park and in the Cold Storage Room.

Could someone make a picture of "Proceratosaurus" in the Cold Storage Room? On the internet I could only find a picture from JPLegacy, and we now how sensitive they get if you use their content. I would really appreciate it if one of our users could do the job.

What I wanted to tell.

Proceratosaurus is never seen in the film. It also doesn't appear in any Jurassic Park: The Game material. However, in Jurassic Park III we saw a quite similar dinosaur: Ceratosaurus



Ceratosaurus is, for the untrained eye, very similar to Proceratosaurus. Both have a horn on the tip of their nose.

I think, for the good of the story, it would be better if the creature refered to in the JP material was the Ceratosaurus. Universal could create some material like the InGen Field Journal that revealed that Ceratosaurus was misclassified as a Proceratosaurus in the cloning stage.

Why would this be better for the story. In Jurassic Park all dinosaur species had to be cloned. In the film canon InGen had only 10 years to clone the dinosaurs. Cloning an extinct species takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is good to keep the number of dinosaur species low.