" Jurassic Park wiki? they are information rippers" - chief of JPLegacy

I was glad lately that pictures were added of characters from Jurassic Park: Redemption and other comics.

But now it turns out that most of them were copy-pasted from JPLegacy!

Most of our toyline pictures are from JPToys, without giving JPToys credit.

Lately someone asked me what evidence there is for this part of our Pteranodon article:

"Originally Steven Spielberg wanted to use Pteranodon sternbergi, but changed the species at the last minute; probably for the more straight and elegant crest of the longiceps. Concept art for the sternbergi species can still be seen." It would be greatly appreciated; did Steven ever say these things or is it speculative?

But because none of the users ever puts a reference to its added info, I could only admit it was speculative.

I do not like this

If you add information to an article, add your source. Preferably using the < ref > and < /ref > templates. But DON'T COPY-PASTE large sections from other sites.

If you add a picture, then ask permission from its maker. And add a link to the site it came from.

DON'T use pictures from JPLegacy!

If the pictues are scenes from a movie or game, only add a reference to its making if you can see the picture was difficult to make.

If the picture contains movie concept art, refer to the original source it came from. ( Like the The Making of Jurassic Park (book))

If you want pictures from the comics, make them yourself. Or use pictures of other sites, if they give you permission.

If you need pictures of toys, take them from eBay (like I did in the The Lost World: Jungle Camp Figure Maker article) (but try to get permission). We have permission to use the pics of JPToys, but it looks more professional if we have our own pictures.

If you see that a users adds a picture in a way that doesn't follow these rules, delet it.