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  • Brainy1130

    Alright, so pleisaurs or other underwater 'dinos' ( I don't know what else to call them, since they're not actually dinos ) will be introduced FINALLY in jp4. The only question is, how? Why would a mosquito suck the blood of a sea animal? The best explanation for me is that they must have fed off of a recently killed and beached one. Anyways, what are your theories?

    1. jp4
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  • Brainy1130

    So, what's it gonna be? I personally hope this new, terrifying dinosaur is a

    It'll be perfect, as they can use elements from the Lost World novel, and honestly, it's still pretty epic if they don't. Carnotaurus was super fast, had tough, armor-like skin, and huge, crushing jaws.

    But what do you guys think? Please comment with your choices.

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  • Brainy1130

    Ok, so I'm back for the first time in about a year, posting this hopefully for all of my pals out there. I have been brainstorming about JP4 since I found out it may happen again in 2011, and when I heard about Collin being cast as director, I almost did a backflip! Here's 5 reasons why he won't goof this up:

    1. He can keep the movie going at a good pace, so that it slows down, but it can pick right back up with the excitement.

    2. No feathered dinosaurs. I know this isn't accurate, but it doesn't seem to fit in right with JP, and that's one reason why audiences liked JPIII less.

    3. I can almost guarantee that Trevorow will bring back Rexie. :)

    4. He will remain loyal to the characters and their stories, because he proved in Safety Not Guarante…

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  • Brainy1130

    Okay, so I have not been doing very much on this wiki lately, and I felt that it was time to post something on my blog that is so small. I have made a fan poster of Jurassic Park 4, and I will hopefully be making more. If you want to, please post your ideas for a Jurassic Park IV poster. I will try to add more of my posters as time goes by. Hopefully I will edit more soon!

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  • Brainy1130

    I believe that Jurassic Park 4 will happen because Stephen Spielberg said it himself. Everyone is having debates over who will direct it(I made a poll with all 35 answers Spielberg), and they are making up their own ideas for the upcoming sequel. Please share your ideas for a fantastic fourth film in a comment!

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