Ok, so I'm back for the first time in about a year, posting this hopefully for all of my pals out there. I have been brainstorming about JP4 since I found out it may happen again in 2011, and when I heard about Collin being cast as director, I almost did a backflip! Here's 5 reasons why he won't goof this up:

1. He can keep the movie going at a good pace, so that it slows down, but it can pick right back up with the excitement.

2. No feathered dinosaurs. I know this isn't accurate, but it doesn't seem to fit in right with JP, and that's one reason why audiences liked JPIII less.

3. I can almost guarantee that Trevorow will bring back Rexie. :)

4. He will remain loyal to the characters and their stories, because he proved in Safety Not Guaranteed that they can even be more important than the plot at times.

5. He will throw in a few jokes, but won't go crazy hopefully, because we see where that got us in JPIII: Barney singing along to a Spinosaurus.