Hi! My name is Brandon Mollica. You may remember me from the Isla Sorna Survival stories I wrote a few years ago on the JPFanon Wiki. My passion for Jurassic Park has never died and never will no matter what. Therefore I decided to make a fan series about Jurassic Park, but I never was able to think of an idea that hasn't been done before...until today! Let us rewind back to Jurassic Park 3. Remember Ellie's son, Charlie Degler? Well believe it or not he is the main protagonist of the series. After doing some math I discovered that the present day Charlie Degler would be the same age as me. Not one fan film, fan fiction, parody, or anything created by the fans of the Jurassic Park franchise ever dived into the possibility of Charlie Degler all grown up being a character. Therefore I asked myself "Why not I give it a shot?" I will not reveal anymore about the series or anything about future episodes, but instead I will let you simply see for yourself.

Jurassic Park Isla Sorna's Secrets Series Promo HD07:02

Jurassic Park Isla Sorna's Secrets Series Promo HD