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    The 15 species

    August 17, 2014 by Cdshaggy24

    Thanks to help from  The Cold Storage Room page and John Alfred Hammond CEO I now know all of the 15 species that they cloned in the film cannon. In Jurassic Park the game there are 9 species of dinosaurs on the first island. So the remainder of the species are on the second island.

    Species in Jurassic Park The Game Map:

    1. Dilophosaurus
    2. Tyrannosaurus rex
    3. Velociraptor
    4. Herrerasaurus (possibly a replacement for Baryonyx)
    5. Compsognathus (possibly a replacement for Segisaurus)
    6. Brachiosaurus
    7. Triceratops
    8. Gallimimus
    9. Parasaurolophus

    Species not on the first island/the rest of the cloned species:

    1. Mamenchisaurus
    2. Pachycephalosaurus (possibly a replacement for Proceratosaurus)
    3. Stegasaurus
    4. Ankylosaurus
    5. Ceratosaurus (possibly a replacement for Metriacanthosaurus)
    6. Corythosau…
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