Thanks to help from  The Cold Storage Room page and John Alfred Hammond CEO I now know all of the 15 species that they cloned in the film cannon. In Jurassic Park the game there are 9 species of dinosaurs on the first island. So the remainder of the species are on the second island.

Species in Jurassic Park The Game Map:

  1. Dilophosaurus
  2. Tyrannosaurus rex
  3. Velociraptor
  4. Herrerasaurus (possibly a replacement for Baryonyx)
  5. Compsognathus (possibly a replacement for Segisaurus)
  6. Brachiosaurus
  7. Triceratops
  8. Gallimimus
  9. Parasaurolophus

Species not on the first island/the rest of the cloned species:

  1. Mamenchisaurus
  2. Pachycephalosaurus (possibly a replacement for Proceratosaurus)
  3. Stegasaurus
  4. Ankylosaurus
  5. Ceratosaurus (possibly a replacement for Metriacanthosaurus)
  6. Corythosaurus

I believe that these 6 species that are not on the first island are the rest of the "15 embryos" that were cloned. Because if they were born spontaneously they would not be recognized and named.