I was watching Jurassic Park: The game videos on Youtube, and I do not like what I all. They make you be the HUMANS, which is lame. They should have you be the T-Rex instead. THAT would be a good Jurassic Park game.

Here's my alternative proposal for Jurassic Park: The Game, or a game for the future.

This version lets you take control of a large carnivorous dinosaur(you can CHOOSE which one you want to be at the start), like T-Rex, Spinosaurus or Giganatosaurus, and you can run around and eat people. That's not all. You can play in 3 open-world evironments, such as Jurassic Park, of course, San Diego, and Suburbs. You can upgrade your dinosaur by causing destruction around the environments, which are FULLY destructible, completing story and challenge missions, and by eating people(both in missions and free-roam mode). The player can upgrade the dinosaur's health, power, and speed. In the city levels, you can destroy cars, buildings, and everything else. Defeat your foes with powerful moves, like biting, tail whip, and stomp. Like the Grand Theft Auto series, the game is open-ended.