• ConnorHrrs98

    I think I may have figured out some of the animal sounds used for the dinosaurs on Warpath: Jurassic Park.

    Acrocanthosaurus: Donkey/Tiger/Elephant

    Giganotosaurus: ???

    Stygimoloch: Elk/Goat/Llama/Cougar

    Suchomimus: Tiger/Crocodilian/Slowed-down pig squeals

    Ankylosaurus: Bull/Hippo/Camel groan for victory

    Styracosaurus: Walrus/Moose/Rhino/Cow

    Carcharodontosaurus: Siberian Tiger

    Pachycephalosaurus: Jaguar/Baby Jaguar/Cougar/Leopard

    Spinosaurus: Wild Boar/Hyena/Slowed-down pig squeals

    Cryolophosaurus: Lion/Leopard at the beginning of victory

    Triceratops: Possibly grizzly bear and elephant

    Albertosaurus: ???

    If you know what others might have been used, feel free to let me know!

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