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  • Cooljoe01

    Throughout the films there have been many looks of T-Rex and Velociraptor. Which ones do you like?

    • Rexy the T-Rex (Jurassic Park (Film) and Jurassic World )
    • T-Rex Parents and Infant (The Lost World: Jurassic Park )
    • T-Rex (Jurassic Park III) 

    • The Big One and her two Velociraptor Pack Mates (Jurassic Park)
    • Velociraptors (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)
    • Velociraptors (Jurassic Park III)
    •  BlueDeltaEcho and Charlie (Jurassic World)
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  • Cooljoe01

    T-Rex Vs. Spinosaurus

    March 2, 2015 by Cooljoe01

    Well it's been 14 years of everyone bickering about T-Rex losing to Spinosaurus. Well I've gotten sick of it and put this blog post bacause I got a few things to say:

    1. They lived in seprate continents

    2. They each had different strengths

    3. Spino was bigger but weaker and T-Rex was smaller and stronger (But that doesn't mean that Spino couldn't win)

    4. T-Rex dosen't need to be antagonist, protagonist or tritagonist all the time. It can play a small role

    5. Everyone needs to stop reacreating images and videos about Tyrannosaurus winning (Spinosaurus won in the film, so end of story) 

    6. We need to stop fighting about T-Rex and Spinosaurus beacuse all the stuff I said on top.  

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