• Daniel large

    New Dinosaurs

    September 22, 2012 by Daniel large

    JP 4 is coming in summer 2014 (still we got JP in 3-D in 2013)

    I found this video made by Sourcefed about 7 new dinosaurs to be in Jurassic Park 4 by them and they are very cool and interesting although I have some issues with some of the dinosaurs. But I really hope they bring back some of the classics.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex (main dinosaur)

    Velociraptors (always in JP movies)

    Dilphosaurus (I would like to see her again)

    Spinosaurus (well maybe a appearance but not the main dino)

    Brachiosaurus (gentle giants of JP yes)

    This is the link to the channel to see new dinosaurs.

    They are cool but the new dinosaurs I would have chosen are...

    Therizinosaurs (dinosaur with blades for hands)

    Carnotaurus (the chameleon dino…

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  • Daniel large

    Hello JP fans

    Dan here

    Top 10 best dino scenes in the JP trilogy.

    Number 10 - Mommy Very Angry

    This scene was awesome how a t-rex was very scary in the first movie now she back with another t-rex which I was shocked and amazed to see 2 t-rexes in the second movie and how intense these characters are facing with 2 adult angry t-rexes thats enough for a top 10.

    Number 9 - They Set a Trap

    This scene in JP/// was a interesting and a new evolution for the raptors intelligence in the trilogy of how they can set a trap by paralysing their prey (almost paralazed) and try to lure their other prey out of hiding.

    Number 8 - Clever Girl

    All I can say "Even Man the Greatest Predator on Earth falls prey to the Oldest Predator on Earth"

    Clever Girl, Very Clever.


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  • Daniel large

    Terra Nova

    June 22, 2012 by Daniel large

    Steven Speilberg is the director/producer of the JP films and I saw his new show Terra Nova

    I find it very good but it was like avatar meets JP where the story isn't that great

    The Story

    The world is coming to an end and these people go back in time to the dinosaur world to save their species

    Which it sounds like Avatar but with time travel.

    But I find the characters good and the dinosaurs including carnotaurus awesome.

    If dinosaur tv shows are coming back with speilberg will the studio decide to make Jurassic Park the TV show?

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  • Daniel large

    New Ideas for Jurassic Park 4

    Speiberg state JP4 is going to be made in the future properly 2013 maybe?

    What New Ideas can we think for JP4.

    Its just for fun if we were involed in the project.


    My story for JP4 will be set 2083 where a massive facility owned by Biosyn on a new island full of cities and power stations. They are creating dinosaurs for better control (since last time) until then everything went wrong as a new species of velociraptor escaped its cage and caused a power cut all over the island which then release all dinosaurs out of the facility and into the city. No communication has led a few survivors to fight and find away of getting of the island.


    Scientist, Engineer, 3 Civilans, 2 Marines, 2 Paleontoligist and …

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  • Daniel large

    Sequel vs Sequel

    We can all agree the first jurassic park movie is the best of the whole trilogy.

    But what can we say about the sequels?


    good points:

    There were some good action scenes, good storyline and again brillant special effects.

    bad points:

    It had a good storyline but there was one scene that hold me back which was...

    The crew found dead on the ship with no explaination?

    The characters being idiots such as Nick taking the bullets from rolland's gun or the guy saying "don't go into the long grass" when he running into the long grass.

    The start of the movie had only one scene from the book (the girl attacked by coppies) and the rest nothing on the book.


    good points:

    Again good action scenes, new dinosaurs/new looks and return of alan gr…

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