Spinosaurus is it really 60ft long? i believe its wrong they never found a complete skeleton they only found a few bones and skulls but do these bones really show the full size of the dinosaur.

With the other carnivores Tyrannosaurus, Gigantosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus they both can barely reach 50ft long.

Tyrannosaurus - 13m 43ft long - 6 tons

Giganotosaurus - 13.7m 45ft long - 8 tons

Carcharodontosaurus - 13m 43.5ft - 8 tons

all of these carnivores can reach a length from 40 - 45ft long and spinosaurus is 15ft longer?

my estimations on spinosaurus were properly be around 12 - 15m 40 - 47ft long

still larger than giganotosaurus but at least 2 ft longer instead of 15 ft longer.

whats your theory on it?