JP 4 is coming in summer 2014 (still we got JP in 3-D in 2013)

I found this video made by Sourcefed about 7 new dinosaurs to be in Jurassic Park 4 by them and they are very cool and interesting although I have some issues with some of the dinosaurs. But I really hope they bring back some of the classics.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (main dinosaur)

Velociraptors (always in JP movies)

Dilphosaurus (I would like to see her again)

Spinosaurus (well maybe a appearance but not the main dino)

Brachiosaurus (gentle giants of JP yes)

This is the link to the channel to see new dinosaurs.

They are cool but the new dinosaurs I would have chosen are...

Therizinosaurs (dinosaur with blades for hands)


Jurassic park Therizinosaurus

Carnotaurus (the chameleon dinosaur also it was in TLW novel and I would love to see in action)

The Lost Files Carnotaurus by HodariNundu

Megaraptor (smart as the other raptors but bigger, stronger and maybe faster? mix them together creates the ultimate raptor or should I say the "The Big One")


Giganotosaurus (Not as a main dinosaur but new guest arrival for the film use them to hunt suropods)


Coelophysis (like compys but larger version)

Jurassic Park Coelophysis by hellraptor

These are the dinosaurs I would like to see in JP4.

But what do you think of the new dinosaurs for JP4?

What dinosaurs would you like to see in JP4?

You can comment on the youtube link if you like

sourcefed asked first anyway and I respect that :)

Thankyou for reading?