Sequel vs Sequel

We can all agree the first jurassic park movie is the best of the whole trilogy.

But what can we say about the sequels?


good points:

There were some good action scenes, good storyline and again brillant special effects.

bad points:

It had a good storyline but there was one scene that hold me back which was...

The crew found dead on the ship with no explaination?

The characters being idiots such as Nick taking the bullets from rolland's gun or the guy saying "don't go into the long grass" when he running into the long grass.

The start of the movie had only one scene from the book (the girl attacked by coppies) and the rest nothing on the book.


good points:

Again good action scenes, new dinosaurs/new looks and return of alan grant

bad points:

The storyline was a plain, lazy and simple story about a kid lost on the island which is not a good exciting story like the other 2 films.

The characters (besides grant) were annoying and got killed off without any screen time to make us care about them example; cooper and ben were in the movie for at least a minute and then they get killed off by dinosaurs or the divorce parents agreed to let their son go "dino-soring" on a RESTRICTED island by the goverment. That annoys me.

Their are too many plotholes in this movie example billy gets attacked by pterodons and the others continue down the river to the coast but at the end of film where the navy ambulance gets on the island somehow billy survived and managed to get on the helicopter? or the big cage containing pterodons when the island is called site B meaning no cages or no fences?

The river scene with the brachiosaurus trying to give the fans a JP moment failed when the brachiosaurus look like CGI.

We have some good/bad points on these sequels but which one is better?

To me its the TLW because it has some good action scenes, cool lines "mommys very angry", character development and a dark story.

JP/// it was a fun film it was made as a roller coaster ride but has some bad moments and a weak storyline.


JP 10/10

TLW 8/10

JP/// 5/10

What is your oppion on the sequels?

You can add more good points/bad points on the sequels if you want to?

Thank you for reading :)