Here is an activity that can further help you understand the different types of eggs laid by different types of dinosaurs.

Using paper-mache and party balloons, you can build your own dinosaur eggs. First find a good workspace and cover it with newspaper. Then, make sure that you have these materials.

Things you will need

  • 1. Newspaper
  • 2. scissors
  • 3. assorted balloons (such as small party balloons-the short ones, not the long ones)
  • 4. wallpaper paste (or any other types of wheat paste of paper-mache)
  • 5. water
  • 6. a bucket for mixing the paste


Step 1

Find balloons that are the right size for the eggs you want to build. Small party balloons make great Oviraptor eggs, while larger balloons make nice Maiasaura eggs. If you are really adventurous, large, round balloons make good Sauropod eggs.

Step 2

Cut the newspaper into half-inch wide strips long enough to wrap once around the balloon. Make long ones to run the length of the balloon and shorter ones for the width.

Step 3

Mix up the paste, using four parts water to one part powder - an eggbeater helps to make it smooth.

Step 4

Dip the newspaper strips into it, running them between your fingers to remove the excess liquid, and apply them to the balloon.

Step 5

Build a framework with a few long strips running lengthwise, and then use the short strips to finish the shell. If you are making a large egg, then add a second layer (be sure to let the first layer dry before adding the second).

Step 6

Let your egg dry, smooth it off with sandpaper if it isn't smoooth, and admire the finished product. Construct a few different eggs, if you wish, and then build a clutch. Use the Internet to research more about eggs, and present your egg to your class.