Sometimes an insect, plant, or small animal gets caught in resin. Resin is a sticky, clear, yellowish substance produced by plants such as pine trees. The resin traps and preserves the creature. Layers of resin build up and harden to form an amber fossil. We can study the creature without opening the fossil

To create your own amber fossil, you will need a jar lid, clear nail polish, and a dead insect. (Windowsills are good places to find dead flies.) You can also use leaves, sticks, or bones.

Place the dead insect on the inside of the jar lid. Try to use a complete insect-no squashed bugs, please.

Slowly cover the insect with nail polish, and let it dry for about 15 minutes.

Apply another layer of nail polish to the insect and let dry. Continue applying coats of nail polish until the insect is entirely covered. Each added layer will take longer to dry.

When the insect is completely coated, your amber fossil is ready to display.

I will give you one warning about making amber fossils. Don't use mosquitoes! But if you do, do not give them to any genetic scientists!