Hey if your reading this you will know I'm leaving the Wikia & Fannon for this News series Brandon 24-7 news and its new season Brandon's Space news so I'm going too miss you guys.Its nothing personal its just my dream too be an actor I'm going too be an anchor man.Ok thats it if you want too read my will then thats ok with me bye peace,around the world for generations.Dr.Mollica 22:23, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

Dr.Mollica`s will

  • I am giving my Isla Sorna survival series too THE8PURPLE2.
  • And my Isla Sorna Invetsigations goes too MismeretMonk.
  • Dr.Mollica's game Walkthroughs goes too mutated squirrel.
  • And finally my job at the Ingen complex goes too my little sister Giavana Mollica.