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Dr.Mollica November 5, 2010 User blog:Dr.Mollica

Hey guys its me Brandon Mollica and I've got some great news........THERE IS A BRAND NEW ISLA SORNA SURVIVAL VIDEO GAME COMING OUT THIS WINTER!!!!!!!! Yep its true Telltale games is making a new jurassic park game and its based off my Isla Sorna Survival series,now I know I said in my article that some games were based off of my series but this one really is! The only bad part is I didn't know this until NOW!! And its not just 1 game there making a whole series of these new games that will come out on the PC,Xbox 360 & the PS3. Now I know what your thinking isn't Telltale a comedy game company? Yes but this one isn't going to be a comedy at all.And if you don't believe me go to and see for yourself.

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