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    Glacier Park

    June 16, 2015 by Elephant777
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  • Elephant777

    Since the revelation of Rexy's return I have been think of the background story on her capture, so in a not very accurate way I brainstormed this story about how Rexy's back story and an idea of what her life is before Jurassic World.  

    Still I enjoyed writing this story down, and in honor of the movie coming out shortly I thought I give it a go and post it on my blog.


    Scene opens up with a Gallimimus flock asleep in the shade of the jungle. Three stand as sentries high on alert. Though nothing has happened for the passed five hours the animals take no risk in letting their guard down. Then they both hear it and feel it, a low and deep boom that ripples through the ground and air like a soft tremor. The lead sentry hisses at the others …

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  • Elephant777

    Howdy JP fans....

    As you all have debated one way or another about the big controversial fight between Tyrannosaurus Rex (Tyrant Lizard King) and Spinosaurus (Spiny Lizard)

    As a fan of many a wiki I am also a fan of death battle, and on the wiki (Death Battle Fannon) we replicate death battles we want to see happen, but it might take a long time for them to be considered, so we do what Wiz and Boomstick do, and that is gather research all about the two opponents and then pit them to a battle to the death, and then explain the reason why one won over the other.

    If some of you are scientific then I should tell you that I personally research all the latest evidence about Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurs as well as involving the general descoveries r…

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  • Elephant777

    Howdy its me again with another blog atempting to recover from an unrecoverable blog (Will not be mentioning);  Anyway this is a blog which involves other potential movies, tvs, and books that can be rebooted by Jurassic Park's owner Universal with the good push of fans, dino lovers, and others who have money in their pockets.

    Dinosaur movie have been in the B-era for a long time, and it was the blessing of one mans vision that they came into a highly honor position and historical marker in our life.  Though many of these b movies were unfairly judge this can be the perfect opertunity to bring them back!  

    1. Journey to the Begining of Time
    2. Journey to the Center of the Earth
    3. The Land Before Time (Note this is not a B movie, and critically success…

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  • Elephant777

    As we all know it has been descretly confirmed that Rexy our anti-hero of Jurassic Park is alive.

    One question is answered, but a million more arise, and one as big as the queen herself is the fact that she is alive.

    If one fallows and counts the JP game as an addon of the series this would be one of the many questions asked, How did she survive the demolision of Jurassic Park, when it was turned into Ground zero?"

    Another one asked is: "If she did survive the making of ground zero.  How did she survive on an island where her prey was blown sky high?"

    Others wonder if that toll will be a part of the move.  Like all animals Rexy could have suffered some serious melnutrions while being stranded there, and could have resulted into some serious he…

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