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Long live the Queen, but how does she live? (Rexy)

She is Alive!

As we all know it has been descretly confirmed that Rexy our anti-hero of Jurassic Park is alive.

One question is answered, but a million more arise, and one as big as the queen herself is the fact that she is alive.

How did she survive?

If one fallows and counts the JP game as an addon of the series this would be one of the many questions asked, How did she survive the demolision of Jurassic Park, when it was turned into Ground zero?"

Another one asked is: "If she did survive the making of ground zero.  How did she survive on an island where her prey was blown sky high?"

Others wonder if that toll will be a part of the move.  Like all animals Rexy could have suffered some serious melnutrions while being stranded there, and could have resulted into some serious health problems

Those not counting the Game would have a different idea of how she could have survived, but there are a few problems.  While the frog genes helped them make babies there is the lysen problem.  If the animals don't get enough of the stuf they would dye instantly, and since Jurassic Parks dinosaurs are feed lysen from ther handlers (not the environment) how could the dinosaurs much less Rexy survive?

Possible answers

If we include the game the hadrosaurs were fed a cure to the lysen problem, and thus that would have been ingested by Rexy after she had eaten a few of them, so that problem is solved.  When the demolision began Rexy was by the harbor, and could have fallen into the water, and survived while everything else was destroyed.  Depending on the bombs being used there is a high possiblity that some of the smaller animals survived as well.  So when Rexy came back onto land she lived off of the smaller animals for the passed two decades

If we fallow the movies instead I can honestly say I haven't the slightest Idea

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Prey from the first movie that most likely survived

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