Bring other dinosaur movies back from the grave (Reboots)

Howdy its me again with another blog atempting to recover from an unrecoverable blog (Will not be mentioning);  Anyway this is a blog which involves other potential movies, tvs, and books that can be rebooted by Jurassic Park's owner Universal with the good push of fans, dino lovers, and others who have money in their pockets.

 Movies, TV show, and books that should come back

Dinosaur movie have been in the B-era for a long time, and it was the blessing of one mans vision that they came into a highly honor position and historical marker in our life.  Though many of these b movies were unfairly judge this can be the perfect opertunity to bring them back!  

  1. Journey to the Begining of Time
  2. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  3. The Land Before Time (Note this is not a B movie, and critically successful movie, but perhaps sparing Little Foots mother this time around?  It would be nice)
  4. The Land that Time Forgot/Caspak series (Writen by Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  5. Pellucidar series (also written by Edgar Rice Burroughs)
  6. The Death Collector (written by Justin Richards) (note an also crime/dino/mystery that is incradible!)
  7. Prehistoric Beast 1984 (Note this movie also had a fun extention and had some of the most incredible go motion dinosaurs in history)
  8. Extreme Dinosaur (The greatest childhood Tv series with kickass dinosaurs that are awesome!)
  9. Were Back! A Dinosaur Story (A movie that doesn't nessicarily have to be a reboot, but can be a squeal)
  10. One Million Years B.C. (Who ever can remember Raquel Welch in that... clothing, and with dinosaurs....  Just imaging sticking someone you know today in that outfit!)
  11. Tammy and the T-rex (I can't help but offer it)
  12. Barney (Now I juct couldn't resist)
  13. The Lost World by sir arthur conan doyle (How could I have forgotten this!  This simple must be made into a proper movie)
  14. Turok (A heart throb dinosaur game that is rated M)
  15. Valley of gwangi (Can't believe I left this one out as well, but it would be nerd rage fun to see cowboys rang up a dinosaur!)
Which one would you reboot?

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