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    Jurassic World: Operation Genesis is the sequel to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, with greatly improved graphics, animations, sounds, textures, models, and overall game play. Dream it, Build it, Survive it, once more!

    Animal Type Diet Formation Star Rating Cannibalism? Cost to Make Appearance Based On
    Triceratops Marginocephalian  Herbivore, Large Hell Creek Formation ***** Yes 59,684 Jurassic World
    Torosaurus Marginocephalian Herbivore, Large Hell Creek Formation ** Yes 20,459 N/A
    Chasmosaurus Marginocephalian Herbivore, Large Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation *** Yes 30,978 N/A
    Kosmoceratops Marginocephalian Herbivore, Large Kaiparowits Formation *** Yes 33,150 N/A
    Zuniceratops Marginocephalian Herbivore, Large Moreno Hill Formation ** Yes 21,666…

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