• Genetic Freak

    Jurassic Park: The Game is simply NOT canon. It is NOT an official sequel to the original film. 

    Telltale bought Universal's support for the project and did everything they could to deliver an authentic Jurassic Park experience, even going so far as writing a story woven into the events of the film. However it is no more a true sequel to the film than any glorified Fan-Fic is. 

    Telltale added characters and animals that weren't in the film and weren't even being kept on Isla Nublar.

    When Jurassic Park states there were only 3 Raptors being housed on the island during the events of the film then how dare a third party call that a lie. NO other living Raptors were known about by ANY Jurassic Park staff. They had no reason to keep anything from …

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  • Genetic Freak

    This text is intended to serve as a back story and reconciliation of the design changes in Dinosaurs between films. Namely the Raptors and Pteranodons.  

    To properly reconcile the films and the Dinosaur changes seen throughout, one must first realize what the Dinosaurs INGEN created really are. 

    The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are, quite simply, mutants.

    They are made complete by combining the DNA of other creatures with the original Dinosaur DNA which results in the animals possesing features and attributes not found in their true-to-history counterparts. They have been tweaked and modified to be as close as possible to real Dinosaurs but they are still not 100% genuine. 

    I have added a few quotes, links and personal theories to help prove thi…

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