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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    D-rex Leaked?!

    November 27, 2014 by Jhayk' Sulliy

    One hell of a Thanksgiving present! 

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Uses CGI stand-ins from JP1 and the D-rex CGI isn't finished, but the Mosasaur one is!

    Photo of the Mosasaur: 

    UPDATE: Leaked clips have been removed. 

    UPDATE 2: I've just been sent some pictures from a FOURTH leaked video! One with an overturned gyrosphere, and 2 others involving Pteranodons attacking a helicopter. Seems like we're getting the Ptero Attack from the scrapped finale of TLW!

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is my deepest regret to inform you that Jurassic Park star Lord Richard Attenborough is dead at 90:

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy

    As Jurassic World nears to begin production this Winter, casting has begun on the long awaited fourht installment. 

    Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson are the first to land roles for the film. Meanwhile Bryce-Dallas Howard, Josh Brolin, and Idris Elba are rumored to have been offered roles, however no word has yet surfaced to confirm their involvement. 

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  • Jhayk' Sulliy


    Edit: Production Begins this Winter in Hawaii

    Edit 2: Rumor from Jedi News that David Oyelowo still may be considered. 

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