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How much JP is on your Mobile device?

Over the years, my dedication to Jurassic Park has created a massive JP database on my iPod device; over 15 GB of space is strictly Jurassic Park material. Contents include:

Film Media

  • Jurassic Park films (1-3)
  • All three films Special Features (Deleted Scenes, etc.)
  • Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Score)
  • Jurassic Park III (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Las Gaviotas (Costa Rican Song being played when Dodgson meets with Nedry)

Novel Media

  • Jurassic Park (ebook)
  • The Lost World (ebook)
  • Jurassic Park: Complete and Unabridged (12 CD Audiobook, narrated by William Roberts)
  • Jurassic Park: Abridged (Abridged Audiobook, narrated by John Heard)
  • The Lost World: Unabridged (12 CD Audiobook, narrated by George Guidall)
  • The Lost World: An Unabridged Production (Audiobook, narracted by Scott Brick)


  • The Real Story: Jurassic Park (Documentary on Jurassic Park)
  • Jurassic Time (John Hammond's Memoir)
  • Trespasser: Jurassic Park Original Soundtrack
  • Jurassic Park: The Game Soundtrack (Included in JP: TG Deluxe Edition)
  • Jurassic Park: Park Drive Audio (Tour Car Audio)


  • Jurassic Park Builder (JP Park Builder App)
  • Classic Jurassic (JP Quiz App)

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