Awhile back, I purchased a Jurassic Park /// Prop on ebay. It came from a very highly recommended seller, and his story claimed that he new someone working close with the film when it was made, and received this item.

The prop I supposedly purchased is the screen-used business card from Kirby Enterprises. Unfortunately, it came with no COA (Certificate of Authenticity), but that is understandable. From what I've read, several of these were produced for the film, but only one or possibly two made it into the final film. I've noticed that the black backround has smudged off to the right of the "K" and left of "Paul Kirby's" information. Ironically, I've also compared this to the film, and this particular are where the smudge appears is exactly where Sam Neill (Alan Grant) places his thumb on the card.

I've looked at several other versions of the card, also made for the production of JP///, and none of them have these details. Some have worn off coloration, but not in the same positions. My theory is that these props, being made to basically never be shown, are cheaply made, and would wear quickly and easily. The Montana scene of JP/// seems to have been shot outdoors, presumably in a hot climate. I assume Sam Neill's hand's were a bit sweaty, and rubbed off the printing. So what does everyone think? Do I have a legitimate, film-used prop?
JP3 Prop Further Proof

Screen-shot from a website selling one of the other business cards made for the film. Notice how this one also has worn down, but not nearly in the same obvious positioning

JP3 Prop

My prop, framed. Notice the Smudge right under "Enterprises"

JP3 Prop Proof

The props film appearance. Note where Grant's thumb is.