Now we all know that Jurassic Park was made with kids as their major target audience in all canons, but they seem to differ from there. In the novel, it seems like Hammond wants to charge $2,000-$5,000  a day to visit his park, even saying "And I'll tell you, Henry, they'll love it. At least, the rich ones". This would also explain why there was only a small hotel (Safari Lodge) on the island, and the helipad to bring visitors to the island.

In the film however, Hammond seems to want his park to appeal to everyone in the world, even building an airstrip and cruise liner berth on the island, with the helipad used only for VIPs. I believe he had more than one hotel (from maps, the Safari Lodge and Iguanodon Inn are the two that always show up) and had packages fitting all social classes.

So here's my question; which method does everyone think would generate more income?