The link above goes to the newly launched "Teaser Site" for Jurassic World. The site features new and extensive details, including the announced death of John Hammond in 1997 after TLW:JP, and the aquisition of InGen by Masrani Global, a corporation that aimed to establish a new park on Nublar. 

The site also features several new photos, including the first appearance of B.D. Wong once again as Dr. Henry Wu

What's also incredible about this site and the newly announced details, is the absolute dedication some of the details have to established canon. Just reading through the "Preserve Isla Nublar" section, I noted that the filmmakers took Nima's tribe and referenced it, as well as Mount Sibo. 

Overall, this is a huge entity, and we now need to start updating some pages. Let me know what you think below! Hopefully we'll see a trailer soon!