Now, I don't know if anyone else has memorized the novel's details as well as I have, but there are a few things I'm not absolute about:

  1. When Tim Murphy is looking through the offices of the visitor's center, he sees an office marked Park Warden, which we all know is Robert Muldoon; however, when the raptors get loose and Muldoon takes control, he goes to an office marked Animal Supervisor and takes out a LAW rocket Launcher and a belt holding six shells. So, why would Muldoon have two offices?
  2. According to the end of the novel, there were 24 people on the island. Now, if you subtract the inspection team (Hammond, Grant, Sattler, Malcolm, Nedry, Gennaro), there are about 18 personnel left. This includes, according to combined chapters; Maintenance Workers (several), Guards, Lab Technicians, Cooks, and Gardeners-- and that's not including Muldoon, Arnold, Harding, or Wu. Any ideas?