This is kind of a given question, as we all just think of Hammond as a rich capitalist, but is he a billionaire or millionaire? Much given media has suggested both:

  1. In the featurette for the first film, the narrator calls him "Billionaire John Hammond", which is probably just an assumption.
  2. I know there not in the same canon, but in the novel Hammond founded InGen on $850 million dollars in foreign venture capital; if he was a billionaire, wouldn't he use his own funds?
  3. The same with Trespasser, as Hammond describes himself "Shady investor, multi-millionaire... Jovial mad-scientist" so again we see him as a millionaire.

To me, I see Hammond as a millionaire. He's not really one of the "Really big-shot, untouchable business billionaires", but more of a self-made, successful business investor, not really someone who inherited millions and became richer through "Daddy's Company". Any thoughts on this?