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While most people I want to the old Jurassic Park 1 CGI. And as goes for the script many people have made scripts on the online posts and the best one I seen was recommend youtube's predator123's "My Jurassic Park Collection" Video when he made a link to his Jurassic Park 4 script which I recommend but I don't go by the people shotting other people killing them. I aslo suggest that Dr. Alan Grant would be in Jurassic Patk 4. Aslo people said they wanted an remake of Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. I don't agree with this but you can talk about it in the comments. Thats all the news that I can put at this time but put what you think or want to add.

Here is the link to predator123's Jurassic Park 4 script.

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