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    On Park Pedia, back in 2010, I made a blog post about my plan to create a dinosaur park on Cocos Island. That obviously didn't pan out. While recreating non-avian dinosaurs from ancient DNA will never happen, improvements in the field of ancient DNA and genome engineering (especially with the discovery of CRISPR) have given the possibility of recreating other extinct species. And of course, there is Jack Horner's chickenosaurus research and other evo-devo research that could be used to create birds with dinosaur traits (I will refer to these as dinosaur facsimiles).

    I have a renewed idea for a park of extinct animals. I am not saying that this is feasible, or that it will definitely happen. This is merely an idea based on current science an…

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    The world of genome editing is expanding massively. It is expected to be used in the future in the world of medicine (gene therapy, pharming), agriculture (GM crops), and many other uses.

    In the world of de-extinction, I found out about a device that could be of good use to it. Meet MAGE, or Multiplex Automated Genomic Engineering.

    The MAGE device is still a prototype, but so far, it has been able to make bacteria produce five times the normal quantity of lycopene. The device can perform up to 50 genome alterations at a time, meaning that a genome could be altered drastically in a few days or weeks. This means that we don't have to synthesize an organism's genome from scratch.

    This is good news for creating "dinosaurs" (I do not call it recre…

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    Some news regarding the chickenosaurus project.

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury

    It seems that the plan to recreate woolly mammoths is already in progress. Not just talking and planning, but actual progress. Three genes from the mammoth have already been migrated into elephant cells. In three years, we could have a mammoth-elephant hybrid embryo ready to be implanted into an Asian elephant uterus.

    I emailed George Church (the scientist doing the project) to see if it was true. And it was indeed true. You can see his email in the thumbnail.

    Instead of trying to recreate a full mammoth genome (pretty much impossible), he is instead creating a mammoth-elephant hybrid genome, which is much easier. George Church's TED talk explains this further. The genome-editing method he uses is known as CRISPR.

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  • Jurassic Park Treasury


    January 2, 2014 by Jurassic Park Treasury

    Despite our rules against it, many editors are still adding speculation and useless categories to articles. I have a feeling that these editors are simply trolls and vandals trying to piss off admins.

    In order to enforce this, I will start giving blocks to people who disobey these rules. For first-time offenders, I will give a 3 day block, then a week-long block if they continue, then a month block if they continue , then an infinite block for continuing after that.

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