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The many versions of Velociraptor

In the movies, Velociraptor was either a bloodthirsty scaly killer, or a cute small eyed little smart-ass. The velociraptors in between the 2nd and 3rd movies change drastically in colors and shape of the head. So how do we explain this? Well, the most common reason is that there is not only one, but two species of our favourite little killer. InGen was not a fairly careful company as they seemed to like to splice different animal DNA causing mishaps of the real dinosaur. That's the case for the velociraptors. The 2 species of velociraptor are V.sornaensis(first seen on Sorna) and V.nublarensis(first seen on Nublar). They say V.sornaensis was the first attempt at recreating the species but when the scientists realized it's intelligence, they created a second less intelligent species that was eventually put into Jurassic Park. Look on the Velociraptor antirrhopus page for more details or go to as flub #6. Be sure to comment!!!

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