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    Trying out the format of using subcategories like Kenner/ or Topps/. Hope to get a complete list of characters together and move them into the Character/ and Actor/ so on. Make it more presentable. and less likely a person making a bogus page will be lost in the masking of order. Deep huh? Also categorizing the images by name if its from the lost world TLW-Name.jpg or JP3-Name.jpg. In the case of video game boxes, Movie it came from, then VGSystemorName JP-VGGenessisRE. I know it seems retentive now but when you use the auto-complete it will help look for the image you want.

    My buddy ZEM made a video check it out. They are cards from my collection. One came with each action figure. Thats right, I was a bad kid I opened them up, but the we…

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