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    This is the first battle between two herbivorous dinosaurs. One thing to remember is that every animal in a fight starts at full health even if it was injured in it's previous fight. For example if Baryonyx beats Velociraptor, but has heavy injuries, then it will start off with no damage when it battles a Tyrannosaurus. Enjoy the fight!

    Length: 20- 35 ft. 

    Weight: 2-5 tons

    Height: 4 ft. at the shoulder

    Diet: Low lying plants

    Region: Woodlands of U.S.A and Canada

    - Was tank- like, with armor covering the top of it's body, preventing a head on assault

    - Had a club like tail, which could do extreme damage to predators

    - It was a shorter creature, meaning an assault from above could be deadly

    - If flipped over, it's underside had no protection and was …

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    Battle Two: Ceratosaurus vs. Dilophosaurus

      Once more there are three steps to this fight:

    1. Description/Comparison of each animal.

    2. The actual fight.

    3. The outcome is explained.

    Height: Up to 10 ft.

    Length: 25 ft. when fully grown

    Weight: Up to 2.5 tons

    Diet: May have fed on fish and crocodiles, but primarily fed on mid-size herbivores

    Region: Woodlands of North America, Africa, and possibly Portugal

    - It had a horn that could have possibly been used to defend itself

    - Using it's crocodile like tail, it may have been a good swimmer


    - Compared to most carnivores, it was small and didn't have a weight advantage

    Height: 8-10 ft.

    Length: Up to 25 ft.

    Weight: Up to 2 tons

    Diet: Herbivorous creatures

    Region: North America, China

    - Was fast and …

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    Prehistoric Arena

    June 22, 2015 by Ppande574

    1. The two animals are described/compared.

    2. The scenario is described, meaning the location of the fight, what the animals are doing, etc. And the actual battle takes place.

    3. The outcome is explained, and I explain why the winner actually won.

    The battles are kind of in a story mode format, just to describe things. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to share your opinions in the comments section!

    First thing's first. We need to compare the two animals, and size them up. They both have advantageous traits, and also some setbacks.

    Height: 3-4 ft.

    Weight: 30- 70 lbs

    Length: 4- 6 ft.

    Diet: Small mammals, insects, herbivorous creatures

    Region: Hot sandy areas of Asia

    - Could run up to 30 m/h

    - Was agile and had a sickle toe claw it could use to sla…

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