Hi guys welcome to Prehistoric Arena. This is my first blog post on this wiki, and the first battle of the tournament. There are three steps to all of the battles in the tournament:

1. The two animals are described/compared.

2. The scenario is described, meaning the location of the fight, what the animals are doing, etc. And the actual battle takes place.

3. The outcome is explained, and I explain why the winner actually won.

The battles are kind of in a story mode format, just to describe things. I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to share your opinions in the comments section!

Battle One: Velociraptor (pack) vs. Baryonyx

First thing's first. We need to compare the two animals, and size them up. They both have advantageous traits, and also some setbacks.


Height: 3-4 ft.

Weight: 30- 70 lbs

Length: 4- 6 ft.

Diet: Small mammals, insects, herbivorous creatures

Region: Hot sandy areas of Asia


- Could run up to 30 m/h

- Was agile and had a sickle toe claw it could use to slash at prey, along with long hand claws


- It's small size and weight was a setback because it wasn't as powerful

- The Velociraptor couldn't take down large prey without it's whole pack helping


     So there's the first contender. Let's move on to the other fighter, Baryonyx. After this the two animals will go head to head in their match. Get ready!


Height: 10-12 ft.

Weight: 2-4 tons

Length: 25-30 ft (when fully grown)

Diet: Mainly sea dwelling creatures

Region: Riverside woodlands of Europe


- It' s long arms could be used for stabbing at prey and possibly even swatting

- The size of the Baryonyx gives it a weight advantage against Velociraptor


- A weaker snout makes its bit less lethal than other carnivores but still pretty powerful

- It's size makes it slower than the Velociraptor, and not as agile


Now that both animals have been compared and described, it's time for the battle to begin. Once more, if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask/state your opinion. Enjoy!

Time to Fight!

The battle takes place in a clearing near a river. The riverbacnk is a rocky area and stretches down to the end of the river. On both sides of the river there is a large section of woodland. It is humid and storm clouds are rolling in from the south.

A lone Baryonyx wades into the river near his territory. He is young, about 5 years of age, and not fully grown at about 27 feet long and 8 feet tall. Even so he was powerful enough to earn his 7 square mile territory from a rival. The Baryonyx stops when the water reaches just above his waist. He knows that this is where he will find the biggest catch: The center of the river. For a quarter of an hour he waits unmoving. A brief flash of movement catches his eye, and he stabs his long forearms into the water. The river churns as the fish attempts to escape but it's too late. Scooping up the fish he tosses it onto the bank. It's a good catch, at 9 feet in length. Though it will only keep him hungry for a few hours.

Lumbering back out he begins to eat. About halfway through the meal the rustling of leaves catches his attention. There is no wind. Looking up he sees a lone Velociraptor step out of the foilage. It is the alpha male of the group. Two more Velociraptors step out, one on either side of the Baryonyx. They haven't eaten in days, as most of their pack members died attacking a Carnosaur. Since then they have been on the hunt for an easy picking, but now that they're desperate for food...

The raptors circle around the lone Spinosauride. The Baryonyx roars, to let them know he isn't giving up the meal. When there is no reaction, he roars once more to try and scare them off. The alpha male takes a step forward and bellows. The raptor on the right dashes toward the Baryonyx, jumping onto its back. Roaring once again, the Baryonyx snaps at it. Her grip loosens and she slides down to the side of his left leg. The Baryonyx shakes her off then snatches her up in his jaws. She screams in agony, as she is thrown into the river bank. Instantly her right leg bone shatters.

Turning, the Baryonyx looks toward his other attackers, but they're already in motion. One leaps onto his neck whil the other scratches at his belly. The one on his neck uses his toe- claw to scratch the Baryonyxs' eye. Screeching in pain, the Baryonyx manages to shake off both attackers. It goes on the assault but not being used to his new blind spot, he's caught off guard.Biting and clawing at the Baryonyx's neck, the alpha goes to work. Meanwhile the other raptor is going on a facial assault. With all of it's cuts and wounds, the Baryonyx has lost a heavy amount of blood and won't survive unless he gets rid of another raptor. The alpha attackes the underbelly of the Baryonyx, where the skin is the thinnest. Slowly the Baryonyx weakens. He has lost the strength to fight. Finally he comes down with a deafening roar. It will take weeks for the two Velociraptors to finish the meal, but they know that their nights of hunger and desperate attackes are over.


Though the Baryonyx had the early advantage by taking down one out of the three attackers, the teamwork, speed, and combined skill of the alpha and beta, was too much for him. Winner: Velociraptor


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