Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones or a new character for Jurassic Park would steal the show and teach us about dinosaurs.

Dr.Jones Archeology

There is alot on dinosaurs on Primeval and is an Archeologist .He would be massively interested in Archeology and its real and he gets better.He would be a new character for Jurassic Park and he needs a chance in and I am giving it to him.He would be a main character and put action and could improvise with Dr.Jones.Action to get away from the dinosaurs and to observe more of them and make a great movie.If this is archeology and he would be bored from Resident Evil 5's Indiana Jones and pyramid civilizations to action of Jurassic and dinosaurs.Discovery Channel also and co-operation with Jurassic Park.They need to collect these movies.End the troops to people who can do action and capture science in movies and games.His skills and reputation.If we had a character to examin what is happening with the dinosaurs as archeology has to do with dinosaurs.He can't be in it but could be a new character.Interact Harrison Ford into Jurassic.He can add as a smart adventure character and to do his stunts to escape from dinosaurs and use his intelligence in situations.To help in what Jurassic Park did not have in an action character that is a scientist.