As some of you know, I recently (a month or two ago) made a Manuel of Style for the wiki because of a popular vote and a need for one. Link here: Jurassic Park Manuel of Style.

And if our pages are going to meet the expectations of this article, we need to get to work. All new pages must meet the expectations for this (or at least come close).

Only administrators can make changes to the MoS, but non-admins are welcome to post suggestions on the talk page. I personally feel that the MoS is fine the way it is, but hey that's just me (I kinda based it off that of Wookiepedia's but with modifications).

Again, thanks for agreeing to make this, and lets hope for a brighter, more efficient future with this Wiki!

-SP2562 03:25, January 22, 2012 (UTC), Administrator