When I saw this game, I was overjoyed that someone cared enough to make another JP game and I had pretty high expectations.

When I watched gameplay demonstrations of the entire game, my expectations went WAY down. I wasn't too happy. I liked some bits of the game (the dinosaurs, the marine facility) but I will admit I openly DESPISED the characters' speeches. They were boring, and weren't too engaging.

Another thing I didn't truly like was the characters of Jess Harding and Dr. Sorkin. Their personalities kept changing and really made me wonder WTF? Man I was happy when Sorkin got killed.

But reason numero uno I didn't like it that much? The animation. I'll admit graphics aren't as important as gameplay, but when I saw the ways to die and their animations, they were stiff, not too entertaining and made you want to beat the level just so you didn't have to look at that horrible stuff.

But that doesn't mean I hated the game. I liked the Herrerasaurus (but they didn't get much screen time), the Raptors being back in all their glory, and of course, the macmomma herself, the Tyrannosaurus. Even the mosasaurus looked badass!

I also liked Nima for pulling out her gun and being an outright badass, Oscar ( I need a proper reason other than the obvious?) and even Gerry Harding had his moments. But again, the speech and Oscar getting killed did make me get a wee bit upset.

But I did praise the game for having novel elements (Napalm bombing, the power plant, North Docks) mixed with the movie stuff.

The final thing I gotta say is that the game felt more like a movie. It reminded me of the Clone Wars movie; something that shouldn't have been attempted.

Overall, I'd give this game a 6-7/10. Wasn't nearly as good as the movie, but it had it's moments. I hope if TellTale does a sequel, it's better than the original and that it happens on Isla Sorna circa 1995, Hurricane Clarissa!

-SP2562 17:18, November 19, 2011 (UTC)