Hello, everyone. I've decided to start a discussion on who should be directing Jurassic Park IV. As a matter of fact - it's currently confirmed who will be directing it. It's taken ten years to make the decision - but Joe Johnston is currently directing the movie. This is a bit of a disappointment to me - and look at it like this:

Remember the old Superman and Jaws movies? Think of it like this: there were different directors for several of the movies. Superman 1 and 2 had the same director, although the second supposedly had a co-director. This "co-director" directed Superman III - and then a completely different person stepped into the mix and directed the fourth. My point is that the third and fourth films didn't do good. Now look at the four Jaws movies. Each film had a different director. We all know that the first film is extremely good, and the second was also fairly good. But the third and fourth were not good. No, I'm not saying that it's a coincidence that both the third and fourth movies of the series did poorly - what I'm saying is that if a movie bombs, you should try to find a different director. In the second film, Steven Spielberg chose Joe Johnston - true, because Joe had asked to direct the second and Steven said that he could direct the third if they decided to make one for more money, and that was a wise decision. But perhaps it was also a try to find someone who could try to bring the series back up again? Maybe an experienced director. Perhaps that's what Johnston is ... but still, the third Jurassic Park film bombed horrifically. I enjoy all three films - but critics digested the movie like a spoiled apple.

So, my point is: Why have the director who directed the previous film, which bombed, direct the next one?

Won't you just be messing around with the chances that the fourth movie will go horrible? And maybe so horrible that the film series will be damaged beyond repair? That's exactly what happened with the fourth Jaws film - the film gained a 0% from critics, and that killed the series. That might happen to the fourth film - and I really hope not. My suggestion is that they find someone besides Mr. Johnston to direct the fourth film in order to keep the Jurassic Park series alive.

In the comments, tell everyone who you think should direct the fourth film.

JAWS 01:20, April 3, 2012 (UTC)