As you may have noticed, the staff team has enabled the Wiki with the "Message Wall". I believe that all the users on here should have an equal say as to whether or not they like the Wall. This information may provide future reference as to whether or not we should allow it. Below, you can post your thoughts on the message wall. My personal opinion is that the Wall isn't a great addition, for it seems that Wikia is slowly morphing into a Facebook-like website. If you noticed, on the Wiki Activity, it shows what people type on Message Walls just like our blogs ... and they have blogs on Facebook. I sense a similarity. Anyway, please post your criticism below respectively, and also say whether or not you would like the wall to stay on here. I shall be adding up the votes and the staff will have a meeting about whether or not it's enjoyed. Thanks!

Jurassic Shark Rises This Summer ... 01:49, February 3, 2012 (UTC)