I once attempted helping this site by explaining about how Wikis' die if they don't have enough activity. I'm sort of a user who soughts out stuff like that and grows knowledge about what will happen.

I must say that this is a very, and I mean very lucky Wiki. We've lasted 10 years without epic news about Jurassic Park IV - and now, we've got what we need. Another JP film is - in my mind - an incredible boost of upcoming energy for this site. If JP4 does crack out of it's shell in 2013 - that should be able to save this site and, if we're lucky, JP Fanon.

Again - we are very, very lucky. Jurassic Park IV, a reboot or not, should mean a lot to us all. More articles, more editing, more hope - we are lucky. Very, very lucky. I once edited on The Bionicle Wiki/BIONICLEpedia/LEGO BIONICLE Wiki, and now that BIONICLE's ended (2001-2011) - the site is dying ... and there is nothing I could do, or anyone could do. Only a few officiall stories are still being made - but even they won't help for that long. For them, sadly, their 1,700 pages may soon become old archives of information. Miaculously - this Wiki has another "spark of life". JP4 marks both the beginning of a second JP trilogy and the beginning of another hope for this Wiki.

May we cherish and hope the fact that JP4 might and possibly will come into theaters.

Now, I wish to resurrect an old conversation that we never really finished. A Vote for Adminship. I have two nominees, one for Rollback and one for Administrator. I am nominating myself for Rollback (due to my slight lack of activity) and, overall, espically SP2562. He has been heavily contributing for here for a while now - and he's brought on a hailstorm of edits. In the past few months, we've created around 90 new articles. Due to JP4 - these numbers will be getting much bigger.

Certainly, SP2562 shows great potential for an admin - and with Rollbacks having smaller jobs, I may be off to a start, too, even though I haven't reached my 150th edit mark. Under MismeretMonk's permission - I ask if we could officially set up a vote that will end by July 30th.

May we have a good future, due to the possibility of Jurassic Park IV - and hopefully, SP2562 and I (Starscream7) can aid this Wiki in our guidance for the success of adding JP4 information and keeping Park Pedia alive!


Lord Starscream|Transformers: Dark of the Moon|(Earth Goes Dark - June 29th)|Be Afraid Of The Dark 01:06, July 25, 2011 (UTC)