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    Note: Possible spoilers if you didn't figure that out already.

    So this happened today.

    Take it with a grain of salt. JobLo is supposedly a reliable site but this also sounds heavily based on the old script. Probably not worth it to add these details to the wiki yet, but let's hear what you guys think about it.

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    Given that the Jurassic Park franchise is rushing headlong into a new era, I've decided that a wiki design change should happen to reflect this. It'll make the wiki look up-to-date to visitors, and I can imagine that there will be a lot of visitors arriving over the coming months. I've already started by sticking the Jurassic World logo on the background. It's not perfect, but it can be a placeholder for the time being. Your feedback is important. This is your wiki after all, so if you want to see some changes, now is your chance :)

    Some changes I was thinking of implementing:

    • Color changes. The Jurassic World logo is clad in blue and shining silver, so maybe the wiki colors could change to mimic this?
    • Main page stuff:
      • A countdown template. Basicall…
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    So, Wikia's been holding a number of "Battle Tournament" contests lately, in which contestants from various franchises are pitted against each other and the winner is determined by the votes of users. See the Starship Battle for an example (the TARDIS won, btw... ). But now they're having another one, the "Battle World: Kaiju vs. Robot". And what do you know, in the Kaiju Battle they have the one and only T. rex from Jurassic Park as a contestant.

    So, I figure that if the T. rex is there in the competition, we better well take advantage of that and vote for it - hopefully propelling it into the final rounds. We've got some stiff competition though;…

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    It's likely that you've seen the little Wikia pop-up in the lower right of your screen by now - if not, here's the link.

    Basically the gist of it is that the best "decorated" wiki for Halloween gets an uber-promotion on the Wikia main page and a month's worth of spotlights. Since Jurassic Park is a rather "scary" movie franchise, I thought it might be interesting to enter. Mostly because we could use the promotion to get more good editors :P

    This would of of course entail a temporary redesign of the place. We can easily change colors to and fro, but the part I'm concerned about is the background photo - since we got staff to redesign it, I'm not sure i…

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  • Styracosaurus Rider

    To start off, please read this if you would:

    Now, to start off, if this is correct and it was Crichton's original intention we're all going to have to rename Velociraptor antirrhopus to Achillobator giganticus. However, considering V. antirrhopus has been mentally welded into the canon and the minds of all who keep up with the canon, I don't think this is going to stick quite yet, considering everyone depicted in the franchise calls them Velociraptor.

    I guess the big question is this: do we seriously consider this as a potential candidate for the identity of that elusive "V. antirrhopus"? Or do we revert to Wikipedia's speculation policy "if it hasn't been professionally researched, it doesn't go…

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